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With decades of experience both as a civil engineer and as an advocate for better streets, Fionnuala's vision is to enhance understanding about our built world through traffic gardens. Her creates unique child-centered design programs as well as facilitates the installation of community and school traffic gardens. She has led permanent and pop-up traffic garden projects and written traffic garden design guides and feasibility studies for several U.S. jurisdictions. She also plans and holds traffic garden events, workshops and pop-ups at the local and national level as well as pop-ups.  

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traffic garden intern

Pari is a senior at Chantilly High School with a great passion for the STEM and art fields. Combining both, she hopes to pursue Architecture in her college education and keep her passion for design. She enjoys drawing and creating graphics, including flyers, and educator workbooks that you may have seen. She has lots of graphic skills including AutoCAD software and is certified in Revit. She helps us out on projects and is gaining as much exposure to the traffic garden world as she can along the way.

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traffic garden researcher

Rick is the co-founder of the Early Childhood Mobility Coalition which is focused on mobility of children eight and younger, a safe streets advocate, and a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor. He has completed research on children's physical activity and traffic gardens, and is currently focused on the benefits of children's play and kids on balance bikes. Rick is a grandparent who enjoys getting outdoors on bikes with his granddaughters, and is working to bring traffic gardens and bike buses to the Cincinnati, OH, area.

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business manager

Skip has extensive experience running professional businesses and applies his skills to the world of traffic gardens. As well as assisting with business management and future planning, he also enjoys lending a hand to events and some of the fun activities. For over two decades he practiced law in Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, representing clients in commercial transactions and litigation, and remains a member of the bar in those jurisdictions.  You can find him most days riding his bike on the trails of Northern Virginia. 

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traffic inspector

Aegis is a three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a keen eye for connected road design! She's always on the lookout for ways to improve installations. Also treats. She takes her traffic garden inspection duties very seriously and is a leader in her field.

Likes: pickled radish, belly rubs, visible pavement markings
Dislikes: baths, geese, poor ADA accessibility
Fun Facts: Aries, speaks English, Korean and Irish

Keep an eye out for Aegis across our site and newsletters!

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creative director

A graduate of NYU Tisch film school, Emma is an award-winning filmmaker who produces and edits short videos for Discover Traffic Gardens, and designs our website & monthly newsletters.

Emma speaks English, Irish, French, and Korean, and also draws pictures of Aegis.

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