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The set contains key items to help with designing and laying out a neighborhood traffic garden. The unique guide provides detailed tips about what to look for in a site, assistance in creating a layout and installation tips. The stencils are sized for a neighborhood traffic garden and are intended for use with sidewalk chalk, spray chalk or tempera paint. The corrugated plastic sheets can be cut to make weather-proof sign heads - just add a cardboard pole and base.  The Traffic Garden STEM Design Kits provides plenty of materials for young people to assist in the planning and design of the neighborhood traffic garden. Everything is contained within a 12" x 18" x 3" kraft cardboard box which also includes a carrier bag for storage and use on site.


The kit contains the following items:


DIY Traffic Garden Guide (20 pages, wirebound):

  • Design and installation instructions
  • 9 layout templates with measurements
  • Installation + stenciling tips

Stencil Kit Bag:

  • Sign Stencil Set (stop, yield, diamond, 7” x 7” each)
  • STOP sign stencil (12” x 12”)
  • STOP word (6” x 13.5”)
  • YIELD word (6” x 13.5”)

DIY street sign cut-outs:

  • 12" x 18" corrugated plastic (2 sheets)
  • Pole and base not included

Traffic Garden STEM Design Kit:

  • 11" x 17: design sheets, street cut-outs, sign stickers, sketch sheets, design notebook


No chalk or glue are included and you will need to add your own tools and installation materials.

Neighborhood DIY Traffic Garden Kit

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