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All set to create a mini-neighborhood of streets? Here's the roadway stencil set to add a certain je ne saoi quoi (or should we say, that realistic traffic quality that just cannot be put into words). We created our unique street set of stencils because we realized that there was nothing similiar available at a low cost. They're sized for a kid or neighborhood project and are suitable for use with paint (try tempura), or blackboard/sidewalk chalk (unlimited potential). We're somewhat biased but we do think that every future roadway designer should have a set in their toolkit!

Here's what's included:

  • STOP sign stencil (sign = 9" x 9", stencil = 12" x 12")
  • STOP word stencil (letters = 4" high, stencil = 13.5" x 6")
  • YIELD word stencil (letters = 3.25" high, stencil = 13.5" x 6")
  • Mini-'yield' sign stencil (sign = 5.5" high x 6" wide, stencil = 7" x 7")
  • Mini-diamond sign stencil (sign = 5.25" x 5.25", stencil = 7" x 7")

All stencils are plastic (1mm thickness) and have potentially unlimited reuse possibilities.

Traffic Garden Stencil Set

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