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The World of Traffic Gardens

Traffic gardens are play and learning places based on a simplified version of real-world streets and traffic conventions! Children navigate the small-scale network of streets on foot and bikes in a safe and kinder place away from moving vehicles. They are places where kids and other new learners gain biking skills and learn how street interactions work. Traffic gardens provide all sorts of benefits from creating an interactive learning space to creating a friendly community place. They are also a valuable STEM learning tool that can introduce young people to street network concepts and knowledge about safer street design.

At Discover Traffic Gardens, our mission is to create safe and engaging spaces for children and new learners to learn about roadway safety and biking through the design and implementation of traffic gardens. We partner with local community officials and stakeholders to ensure that our traffic gardens are tailored to the needs of the community and its members. Our approach includes creating engaging materials and programs that encourage community involvement in the process and empower children to become active participants in the civic process. Our ultimate goal is to increase access to safe biking opportunities while promoting a deeper understanding of the built environment and civic engagement among children and community members.

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