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Interested in working with us?
We are a specialty consulting firm that works with communities on many aspects of traffic garden planning, design and installation. We help get projects off the drawing board into real-life installations and experiences. In addition to the services listed below, we can create traffic garden STEM kits and help plan celebratory events tailored to your community.  We collaborate on large consulting projects too.



Contact Fionnuala (FINN-OO-LA) at
or at 703.981.7052

to discuss your community vision.

She'll help you write traffic garden guidance and can present to elected officials. You can also get in touch for tips and information getting  a traffic garden project started!


For smaller tasks and individual projects, Fionnuala can prepare a proposal with cost estimate. 

For larger projects, she can assist in shaping the concept and preparing a detailed project proposal, including costing.

Typical consulting rate: $125/hour
Layout design review: $250+
License for use of graphics: $10+
Fee for Pop-up Traffic Garden Layout Review + Installation  Training Webinar: $500 +/-


Fionnuala develops hands-on public input programs and STEM activities focusing on traffic garden design.

She is available to create custom programs and workshops for your children or adults in your community.

You can also license our custom STEM graphics and materials for your programs or projects.


Fionnuala plans and designs your temporary or permanent traffic garden and provides installation advice and coordination. She partners with local community groups and officials to layout and install your temporary traffic garden. She produces detailed design drawing set packages for your installer with all the information that they need. Drawings are prepared in AutoCAD and can be available for addition to site plans, school modernizations and more

DTG Design Process: 


Check out some of our previous projects and collaborations below!

Get in touch and let's find out how we can help bring the magic of traffic gardens to your community!

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