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Interested in working with uS?
We work with communities on many aspects of traffic garden planning, design and installation. We help get projects off the drawing board and turn them into real-life installations and experiences. As well as our services listed below, we sell various traffic garden kits by mail and run events. Check out some of our recent projects below.


Contact Fionnuala (FINN-OO-LA) at
or at 703.981.7052
to discuss your community vision. Fionnuala helps write traffic garden guidance and presents to elected officials. You can also get in touch for tips and information getting started on a traffic garden project!


For smaller tasks and individual projects, Fionnuala can prepare a cost estimate. 
For bigger projects, she can assist in shaping the concept and preparing a detailed project proposal including costing.*

*Consulting rate: $100/hour
Layout design review: $200+
License for use of graphics: $10+


Fionnuala develops hands-on public input programs and STEM activities focusing on traffic garden design. She is available to create custom programs and workshops for your community. Get in touch to license our custom STEM graphics and materials.


Fionnuala plans and design your permanent traffic garden and provides installation advice and coordination. Fionnuala partners with local community groups and officials to layout and install your temporary traffic garden.

some Recent projects:

Prepared reports, memos, guidance documents and quick guides: 

  • City of Raleigh Department of Transportation Traffic Garden Feasibility Memo

  • City of Philadelphia Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability (OTIS) Traffic Garden Guide + Workbook

  • DCPS Vision Zero Traffic Garden Report (draft, including research) - to be released soonDistrict of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Modernization RFP Appendix C Traffic Gardens Guidance plus memo

  • Discover Traffic Gardens Do-it-Yourself Traffic Garden Fun(20 pages, including templates) - available in shop

  • District Department of Transportation SRTS DIY Traffic Garden Guide (for school families, including templates)

  • Metro Portland Traffic Playground Toolkit (planning, design, stakeholder engagement, and installation, 220 pages)

  • Metro Portland Traffic Playground Memos (Literature Search, Facilities, Community Engagement, and Programs)

  • Metro Portland Traffic Playground Lending Library Memo and Toolbox

  • Westside Traffic Garden STEM Activities, Educators Guide


Provided design services for permanent traffic gardens:

  • Aiton Elementary Traffic Garden, DCPS, Washington DC

  • Cora Kelly STEM Elementary Traffic Garden, City of Alexandria, Virginia

  • Mt. Jefferson Playground Traffic Garden, City of Alexandria, Virginia

  • Seven Oaks Traffic Garden, Odenton, Maryland

  • Thomas Elementary Traffic Garden, DCPS, Washington DC

  • Warrenton Safety Town, Warrenton, Virginia

  • Westside Traffic Garden, Roanoke, Virginia

  • Winterville Traffic Garden, North Carolina


Organized/installed pop-up + temporary traffic gardens:

  • Anacostia Open Streets Pop-up Traffic Garden, 2022

  • Arlington Traditional School traffic garden, Virginia, 2021

  • Earth Day Roanoke Pop-up Traffic Garden, 2022

  • Fred Lynn Middle School traffic garden, Virginia, 2021

  • George Mason University Early Childhood Center pop-up traffic garden, Virginia, 2019

  • Hoffman-Boston Elementary School traffic garden, Virginia,2021

  • Loch Lomond Elementary School traffic garden, Virginia, 2021

  • Montgomery County DOT, Maryland temporary traffic garden, 2019

  • Pop-up Traffic Gardens at Open Streets DC 2019, 2021

Planned/organized hands-on workshops including:

  • 4-H National Youth Summit: Street Design Workshop

  • Aiton Elementary Design Charrettes

  • Fairfax Bike Summit Infrastructure 101 Workshop

  • Harrisonburg & Rockingham Walk Bike Summit: Workshop

  • National Bike Summit Traffic Garden Workshop 2022

  • National Building Museum, The Big Build, DIY Traffic Gardens 2019

  • NoVA Maker Faire 2017: Traffic Garden Workshop

  • Team Saturday STEM workshop, Hill School, Middleburg, Virginia, 2015-2022

  • Rhode Island Bike Summit Traffic Garden Workshop, 2022

  • Safe Routes to School, Safe Routes for All, Vermont: Workshop

  • Thomas Elementary Traffic Garden Design Charrettes

  • Transportation Camp DC: DIY Traffic Gardens + Street Design

  • Youth Bike Summit 2017: Workshop

  • Discover Engineering Family Day, National Building Museum: Street Design Workshop

  • Westside Traffic Garden STEM Workshop

Maude Aiton Elementary School Traffic Garden

Washington, D.C.

Open Streets D.C. Pop-Up Traffic Garden

Washington, D.C.

George Mason University Pop-up Traffic Garden

Fairfax, Virginia

Vermont Safe Routes Gathering Workshop

Barre, Vermont