top of page're pretty interested in setting up a traffic garden on your driveway or local playground but you would like to jump start the process and get to the actual installation and using it soon. Well this is the kit for you 'cos it contains all the elements you need to get a temporary traffic garden on the ground in record time without having to gather supplies or shop around for special items. Plus it contains unique items like the traffic stencils and roadway signs that you can't purchase at a low cost elsewhere. It won't be the biggest traffic garden but the installation is all very doable especially with a group of pals to lend a hand. We created a 20-page guide with lots of tips and suggested layouts + dimensions too. Streets will be made of duct tape and chalk but that's good for getting started having traffic garden fun. Cutting out the signs will involve use of a utility knife and you will need to gather supplies to make the signs stand up (coffee cans and kitchen towel rolls work). Everything else is easy to use, including by kids and their pals. Get kids further involved by having them 'design' their vision using the included STEM materials also. The kit contains:

  • DIY Traffic Garden Guide (20 pages, 9 layouts)
  • DIY Traffic Signs (18" x 12", 2 x corrugated plastic sheets x 6 signs per sheet)
  • Set of 3 sign stencils (7" x 7", stop, yield, square)
  • Set of 3 street marking stencils (STOP sign, STOP word, YIELD word)
  • Installation tools drawstring bag (contains sidewalk chalk; 10' retractable measuring tape; water spray bottle; layout string)
  • Installation materials (two rolls of duct tape, white + yellow, 2” x 60YD)
  • Traffic Garden Design STEM Set (base drawing sheets, street cut outs, sign cut outs, glue stick)

Scissors are not included (needed for tape). More tape and chalk may be needed for larger installations or when more pals are working together. Everything is contained in a 20" x 20" x 6" sturdy carrier bag with handles so that you can keep all the little things together and you can easily carry everything you need back and forth to the site.

DIY Traffic Garden in a Bag Kit

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