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Welcome to the  Discover Traffic Gardens classroom STEM kit! This kit introduces students to unique STEM activities centered around traffic gardens, enhancing their understanding of how streets work and transportation network design. Students can explore everything from the science of speed to street design and planning. The activities are designed to be both unique and engaging, providing ample opportunities for creativity and interactive learning. Included in the kit are numerous printables and crafting materials to assist educators in assembling these activities.


What comes in the kit?


  • Traffic Garden STEM Activities Guide for Elementary Educators (68 pages)
    • Seven transportation and traffic garden STEM activities for groups
    • Color printables & more!
    • Guide also includes supply lists, instructions & scripts for each activity
  • Roadway tape (2 rolls)
    • Useful for different street scenarios on cardboard or paper or even classroom desks!
  • Railroad track (1 roll)
    • Use to add train crossings to street layouts
  • Transportation sticker sheets
    • More roads including bends, traffic signs & other features to enhance street scenarios
  • Traffic stencils (x5)
    • Set includes 5 x traffic stencils. Combine these sign and pavement marking stencils with chalk and tapes (duct or painters) to create street layouts on outdoor areas or large paper sheets or paper table coverings.

Traffic Garden STEM Educator Kit

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