Traffic garden kid's playmat kit includes:

  • Roll-out fabric playmat (14" x 17"), printed with roadway features and containing pockets for important engineering tools + operational elements
  • 3 wooden signs for customizing your mat
  • Laminated traffic garden engineer card
  • Miscellaneous laminated engineering tools
  • Grass on opposite side for further play + design ideas

Add you own small people and construction vehicles and you are all set for some traffic garden fun. 


This traffic garden layout was designed during a community workshop where children were invited to become the traffic engineers and design their own traffic garden. City staff held a workshop and combined the work of three neighborhood girls as inspiration for the final design. Special thanks to Lucy, Maisie, and Alli for their design expertise! The design was painted and ready for kids to start using it in Summer 2019.


Spot clean playmat when necessary for small stains.

For larger stains hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent and dry flat.

Iron when dry to reshape using a hot setting (do not iron over elastic).


Product is CPSC Safety Compliant

CHOKING HAZARD: Not meant for children under 3 years of age.



Traffic Garden Playmat Kit